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With what water feeding koi?

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With what water feeding koi?

Water temperature: brocade carp life water temperature in the range of 2-30 ℃, the optimal life water temperature is 20-25 ℃. In the temperature of the water, brocade carp swimming is active, good appetite, body strong, bright colors.

Hardness: like in alkalescence brocade carp, the lower hardness of water environment in the life. Soft and hard water can keep koi (under normal circumstances, the tap water is soft water, spring water, well water is hard water), but should avoid the brocade carp suddenly by soft water into larger water hardness, lest the fish produce allergic reaction.

Acidity (PH) : brocade carp life in slightly alkaline water, suitable for the PH value of July 2 - July 5. Brocade carp from elsewhere into, should measure the PH value of the water first, koi don't like water quality mutation, don't put from the low PH of the water suddenly in high PH of the water, in order to avoid discomfort caused by PH differ too big fish, and even death. Koi chronically weak acidity (PH 6.5) in water, not only body color becomes bad, still accessible gill rot.

Nitrite, ammonia and other harmful materials: fish waste dissolve in the water by the various ways to produce nitrite, ammonia and other harmful materials. Hazardous substances dissolved through high, fish activity is abate, float the water surface, body color, often cause fish death unknown.

Koi pond requirements of water quality: A, must be tasteless odorless water; B, colorless, transparent about 2 m; C, no abnormal blisters. D, the wall moss is normal; E, determination of the water chemistry: PH 6.8 to 7.4; Hardness under 15; Iron ion concentration 0. 3 parts per million; Sulfuric acid root from child 15 parts per million; Chloride ion 19 parts per million. Excluding residual chlorine; Oxygen more than 5 PPM; Ammonia 0.1 parts per million; Nitrite 0. 1 parts per million; About 5.5 PPM nitrate; Does not contain sulfur, hydrogen; BOD2, between 5-7; Turbidity in 5 degrees; Transparency is more than 100 degrees.

1, water, river water, well water, spring water, tap water. River lake water after filtering can be used; Wells and springs need 12 to 36 hours after the sun, to moderate temperatures can fish; Tap water to water in the empty tank (tank) cheer with air pump and let stand for 2-3 days, volatilize chlorine can fish.

2, water temperature, brocade carp life in the range of water temperature of 4 ℃ to 30 ℃, the most suitable for living in the water temperature 21-27 ℃ water, generally not more than ± 3 ℃ temperature change.

3, dissolved oxygen, brocade carp life rely on gill absorption in water but soluble in the water of oxygen, oxygen adequacy is the key to a good brocade carp. so Must be input to the water of oxygen, use air pump to pump up oxygen in the air into the water or often replace new water and remove residues bait, manure and other organic matter in a timely manner.

4, hardness: like in alkalescence brocade carp, the lower hardness of water quality living environment. Usually soft and hard water can raise brocade carp, but avoid the brocade carp by soft water suddenly moved to hard water, lest produce allergic.

5, acidity (PH) : water of neutral PH value of 7, 7 below for acid, 7 above for alkaline. Koi for life in slightly alkaline water, suitable for the PH value of 6.8-7.5.

6, a material such as nitrite, ammonia nitrogen, brocade carp waste soluble in water, through various ways to produce nitrite, ammonia and other harmful substances. Harmful concentration is high, often causes brocade carp symptoms and even death. Feeding koi must pay attention to quality management, good filtering system a lot of beneficial bacteria breeding is helpful to reduce the ammonia nitrogen.

7, brocade carp pool filter: in order to maintain the stability of water quality, water must have a good filtering system. There are physical (drum filter), chemistry, biology (biological filter, air flow filter, automatic filter) system of three methods for filtering. Biological filter function lies in the cultivation of nitrifying bacteria, is filtering method of oxidation treatment. So when cleaning filter material, avoid by all means do not wash out the nitrifying bacteria.

8, lighting: brocade carp with natural light ideal commonly, the ultraviolet ray in sunshine can kill the fish. Good light for koi activities help the digestion, also helps to watch and check the brocade carp's health.

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