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Water treatment equipment how to "winter"

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Water treatment equipment how to "winter"

Winter because the temperature is too low, water pipe, easy occurrence blowout, frosty if the tap water supply pipe, water supply, water supply during try not to use equipment (especially the barrel machine), it is best to close the inlet ball valve and water after the first open the tap, tap water discharge in the sediment in the water pipe and so on, and then open the inlet ball valve and make the reverse osmosis water purification equipment, avoid the construction process with sediment, rust and other debris into the reverse osmosis equipment, lead to filter in a short time, fouling, water production flow down.

Easy to appear the phenomenon of winter

Water rate drop, the temperature is, the more the greater the fall of low yielding water flow, because the water viscosity is influenced by temperature, under the reverse osmosis membrane water rate will drop, usually 1 ℃ drop in the water, reverse osmosis membrane water rate fell by 3%, the water rate of winter water rate of around 50% for the summer. Waste water increases, due to the water rate is reduced, the flow of wastewater will be increased correspondingly, wastewater than increase, this is normal phenomenon, after being temperature recovery, waste water will decrease, water flow to increase production.

The whole machine antifreeze

If installed in the outside, there must be anti-freezing measures, if there is no anti-freezing measures may lead to filter bottle, membrane shell, such as frost crack, temperature is below zero must stop using water purification equipment.

Installed in the indoor must ensure that the room temperature shall not be less than zero, because the water volume in the solidification process will expand, if ice, will directly lead to the water purification equipment, all line, filter, membrane shell will burst, leak to occur.

If long time don't use water treatment equipment or need to go out, must close the inlet ball valve and the pressure on the water in the bucket full discharge, again before use to check the machine appearance is normal, confirm normal to turn on the water power, thus the first bucket of water is also suggested that discharge.

The processing of frozen

Must be placed in the water purification equipment, whole room temperature above 10 ℃ indoor natural thawing can continue to use boot after 48 hours, during which water is forced open mechanism, after startup check whether there is leakage phenomenon. If found unopened reverse osmosis membrane icing phenomenon occurs, it can be together with the packing placed in cold water, soak for 24 hours, and then you can use.

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