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The meaning of water treatment

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The meaning of water treatment

Water treatment is to point to by a series of water treatment equipment will be pollution of industrial waste water or river water purifying, in order to achieve the water quality standards set by the
state. Due to the social production and life are closely associated with water, therefore, involve in the field of water treatment application range is very wide, formed a huge industry application.

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In short, "water treatment" is by means of physical, chemical, removing some of the process of production, the life does not need material.

Impurities and water treatment (drum filter) impurities including with bulky material, suspended solids, colloid and solute (biological filter, air flow filter, automatic filter) system. Bulky material such as floating grass, garbage in the river, large aquatic organisms, gravel and chunks of dirt in the waste water etc. Water supply engineering, bulky facilities to remove impurities from water structures, are not included in the scope of water treatment.


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