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The 20th CHINA international fishery EXPO 2015 / Qingdao CHINA FISHERIES & SEAFOOD EXPO

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The 20th CHINA international fishery EXPO 2015 / Qingdao CHINA FISHERIES & SEAFOOD EXPO

Show time: on November 4, 2015-6

The exhibition location: Qingdao international expo center

Exhibition industry: aquatic products exhibition

The exhibition scale, professional exhibition

The organizer: China international agricultural industry branch of ccpit

Organizer: China international agricultural industry branch of ccpit Marine exhibition companies in the United States

Perform to undertake: China international agricultural industry branch of ccpit Beijing acto Marine exhibition co., LTD

"Show details"

China's fishery production and trade power, China international fishery expo to promote the steady development of China's aquatic products trade has played an important role. Aquatic products import and export trade for many years, always maintain a steady development, exports have 11 years in a row, the first place in the world. This year in the first three quarters of aquatic products trade continued to maintain rapid growth, trade volume of $20.9 billion, 14.5 billion export, import, 6.4 billion, the trade surplus of 8.1 billion. At the beginning of the China international fishery expo started, China's annual trade volume of aquatic products is less than $3 billion, and today the figure is more than $27 billion, than the world's second largest trading nation of aquatic products - $5 billion higher than that of the United States. Fish products is one of the largest food world trade, as the good quality and high protein food in People's Daily life is occupying an increasingly important position. Fish products per capita annual consumption increased year by year, the United Nations food and agriculture organization (fao) forecasts suggest that global fish supply by 2015 is expected to reach 183 million tons, the growth of more than 25%. Exhibition sponsored by the China international agricultural industry branch of ccpit, based in Seattle, Washington in the United States has more than 20 years, organization of professional experience in the exhibition in collaboration with the American Marine exhibition company for overseas. Government and industry support and professional exhibition works in conformity with the international standard combined, will ensure that you can attend is a highly professional, organized the exhibition; In 2010, China overtook the us as the world's largest trading nation of aquatic products. The first China international fishery expo held in 1996, the global trade of aquatic products in Japan, north American and European manufacturers and buyers under the control of, but 19 years later, the situation is a horse of a different, and this change is from China. If you want your products into the dynamic of the Chinese market, please participate in the 2015 China international fishery expo and China international exhibition on aquaculture.

Exhibits range 】

Qingdao fisheries exposition China fisheries exposition provides the following items

All kinds of aquatic products processing, Marine fishing, fishing, aquatic products processing frozen, fresh keeping technology and equipment, ocean shipping and storage and transportation, comprehensive utilization of aquatic products, aquatic products, arts and crafts fishing fishing gear, fishing navigational equipment and communications technology, aquaculture industry project cooperation, management and information technology, aquatic fishing tackle aquaculture automation equipment and instrument, fishing pool with heating and control apparatus equipment, water quality purification disinfection system, water quality detection and analysis instrument, increasing oxygen system, forward, blocking facilities, a variety of use of the pump, the breeding aquaculture seedlings, aquaculture feed and various additives, feed machinery aquaculture disease control, fishery drugs, diagnosis and pathology prevent technology, pollution control and management of aquaculture technology

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