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Residential area landscape water treatment plan

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Residential area landscape water treatment plan

Residential area landscape water treatment scheme of the fish pond in the community - in many places, we will find that many of them are green water turbidity, water, and so on and so forth.

What's the problem leads to the village pond so bad phenomenon?

Here families figure gives a set of the sight of the fish pond water treatment water treatment scheme for reference.

Back to landscape water treatment solution of the original problem: the time advocate environmental protection now, because of the shortage of resources, human beings have to environmental protection. But due to the fish pond all kinds of bad things, have to frequently change water in great quantities, can let the fish pond achieve clear results. Calculate a calculate, however, such as a month in a water, a water 300 tons. 12 months of the year, a total of wanting to throw 60000 tons of waste water, how amazing number! Think again, water shortage of the 360000 tons of water to them how important! Please refuse to waste water from now on!

, then, how to make fish pond, do not need to frequently change water in great quantities, cause waste?

So, how to make fish pond no longer hair green, smells, and the situation of the breeding ground for mosquitoes?

Summed up there are two reasons:

(1), fish pond had done landscape water treatment system

(2), fish pond water treatment system of landscape is unqualified, not water purification effect

Could you tell me you which one?

Fish pond to do landscape water treatment system - no landscape water treatment systems have such effect, is the result of the expected! No matter how much you use a lot of fish to the fish pond on the solution of the drugs can't complete the effect of turbidity, water, green, can only have a temporary effect. "As a woman not besmear protects skin to taste, face also can't have good skin!"

The most radical solution: wake up quickly, looking for a professional fish pond landscape water treatment company out a solution for you!

(also can find our suzhou branch water treatment equipment co., LTD., the landscape water treatment plan for you free of charge. We are a sino-german joint venture company with nature, with more than 20 years of professional experience in landscape fish pond water treatment, at the same time cooperate with foreign aquatic products industry leading enterprises, committed to the development and manufacture of aquaculture water treatment equipment. In this industry, there is not enough landscape for fish pond water treatment technology and experience to do it clear forever!)


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