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Play brocade carp, suzhou has many enthusiasts One can take out more than 50000

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Play brocade carp, suzhou has many enthusiasts One can take out more than 50000

How the brocade carp good > > >

Buy top grade brocade carp, typically identified from six aspects, respectively is posture, color, pattern, qualification, quality and style. Good brocade carp except to be pure, but also has the elegant and graceful shape the gorgeous color, high quality quality, symmetrical pattern, elegant appearance. In addition, still should be in good health, no disease, symmetry, lively and strong.

Brocade carp is a worth noble ornamental fish, have "living stones" in water, an expensive brocade carp can cost up to hundreds of millions of dollars, enough and the price of a house. Reporter from yesterday held in wuzhong district flourishing mountain scenic spot of suzhou brocade carp summer auction for the first time to see, 64 all brocade carp, suzhou love koi enthusiasts to play a lot now.

High quality brocade carp is worth $200000

Friends from all over the country more than 200 fish took part in yesterday's auction, a total of 64 koi fish imported from Japan went unsold. Reporters on the scene saw that the cords of brocade carp article/floor price lowest 1000 yuan, up to 5000 yuan/article, one of the biggest is 81 cm long. Friends rushed to bid the auction began, fish, one of the red and white, old fish, 44 cm long, base price 1000 yuan, clinch a deal valence is in 14000 yuan, up 13 times. The final auction clinch a deal amount is 500000 yuan, a sell-through rate of one hundred percent. Clinch a deal the price of the highest is a 81 cm long red and white brocade carp, clinch a deal for 51000 yuan.

"The price of expensive brocade carp can reach hundreds of millions of yuan." Sales organization, head of the letter big Japanese koi garden chang-qing luan tells a reporter, brocade carp has become the "hard currency" in the ornamental fish, prices always are. According to introducing, Japan's big letter koi garden is located in the flourishing mountain scenic spot center, covering an area of more than 4000 square meters, is one of the largest professional suzhou brocade carp company, specializing in brocade carp, Japan's elite brocade carp, the larvae hatch, breeding, research, and sales of tour. As a 5 a time after the introduction of tourism projects, tourism sales to fill the koi fish flourishing mountain scenic tourist participation, lack of experience class project.

"But not can have 180 thousand worth each brocade carp, the fish gender, origin, quality of a material, decorative pattern, shape, swimming posture, and is closely related with the inosculation and so on all of appreciation standards." According to chang-qing luan, and horse racing, chian animals such as dogs, brocade carp is also pay attention to the origin, parents if they are "carp", then the value of the next generation of brocade carp will be high. In addition, the gender also decides the value of brocade carp brocade carp, in general, are female players buy brocade carp, the male is neglected.

At present, suzhou also has many professional brocade carp breeding base, product focused on wholesale sales across the country. Around koi aquaculture industry, meanwhile, also spawned a large number of upstream and downstream related industries, currently associated with koi aquaculture water pumps, filtration equipment, sterilization lamp, fishing rod, fish feed production enterprise in suzhou has the nearly hundred, has formed a complete industry chain.



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