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MBBR Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor

Moving Bed Bio Filter MBBR
Submerged floating system for MBBR in a pond with airlift with 50m3/hour flow rate
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MBBR moving bed biofilm reactor based on abroad advanced technology is made in China. It mainly uses nitrifying bacteria, denitrifying bacteria and nitroso-bacteria.
Moving bed biofilm reactor working principle: 
The polluted water enters the reactor through the bio-film of moving bed biofilm reactor, flows into the reactor in which the bio-filling can be suspending, and the bio-filling surface creates the bio-film. During the process, the aerating hole installed at the bottom of the reactor can bring enough oxygen to the water by the biofilm, the polluted water get purified, then the clean water by the outlet at the at the bottom of the reactor flow into the pond to make a circulation.

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