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Landscape water treatment technology and characteristics

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Landscape water treatment technology and characteristics

Landscape water treatment technology and characteristics

Landscape water treatment water generally have tap water, river water, groundwater, rainwater, less water, because the general landscape water body (need artificial landscape), is designed according to the natural water body is mostly a weak self-purification ability of a closed system, unreasonable internal structure, combined with foreign material input, over time

To produce eutrophication, and ultimately make the polluted water body, affect the function of landscape water body.

A, landscape water treatment process:

Most of the management of the landscape water body with traditional physical filtration method, cannot guarantee water organic pollution is reduced, only a short period of time to improve water quality, to thoroughly purify the water quality. Landscape ecological water treatment system for biological treatment technology as the core, through enhancing water self-purification ability, supplemented by artificial

Measures to improve water quality. Solve the landscape water body using water as supplement water source of water eutrophication and algae breeding, deterioration of water bodies and other major issues; At the same time as a result of not using chemical dosing process, so do not produce secondary pollution, and low operation cost.

Second, the landscape water treatment process:

Adopting the processing mode of ecological landscape ecological water treatment system in order to improve the water self-purification ability is given priority to, artificial biological relies on strengthening processing of a variety of biological treatment, fundamentally solve the landscape water body caused by the governance mode of oneness, the first water quality can meet the present situation of the use requirement.

Three, landscape water treatment process characteristics:

1. Improve the water self-purification ability, increase the water environmental carrying capacity

2. The auxiliary artificial biodegradable processing, give priority to with natural ecological treatment and artificial auxiliary treatment

3. No secondary pollution

4. High removal rate of ammonia nitrogen and phosphorus

5. Water quality stability, low operation cost

6. High degree of automation

7. Processing system based on seasonally adjusted operation mode


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