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Landscape water treatment system technical requirements

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Landscape water treatment system technical requirements

"Technical requirements"

1, should comply with the national, provincial, municipal relevant laws, regulations and policies, guidelines, do the requirements of sustainable development. Absolutely avoid the use of materials, equipment cause secondary pollution to the environment.

2, should maintain a pure natural water, water quality may not be directly into any chemicals, except the active material. Outlet water quality of water circulation system should comply with the GB3838-2002 "standard of surface water environment quality" Ⅲ class of water quality standards, artificial lake water quality center for Ⅴ water quality standards.

3, water circulation equipment, material can be used in the system, water treatment equipment should be unattended, automatic operation.

4, the energy conservation principle: landscape lake, after running water can be recycled, must maintain the stability of water quality, and reduce the loss of water.

5, easy usability principles: daily maintenance requirement is simple, practical, and no need for special tools and professional maintenance staff.

6, the security principle: in any case shall not happen conflict with relevant national laws, regulations and policies of the security situation, put an end to any in use, operation and hygiene safety problems.

7, water treatment products meet the national quality and safety standard, meet the engineering standards, a local or provincial quality inspection departments approved by the professional product certification, quality inspection report, certificate of approval, instruction manuals, etc.


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