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Landscape water green yellow hair how processing

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Landscape water green yellow hair how processing

Landscape water usually include residential area of artificial waterscape, small river park lake, city, etc., were open to the surface water, and is mostly artificial water bodies, extreme low self-purification ability, very vulnerable to pollution.

Pollution factors

Assuming no sewage water, landscape water main pollution mainly face the following kinds:

1. The rain in the surface brought by the surface runoff and soil organic matter and nitrogen and phosphorus (surface water pollution degree is equivalent to sewage);

2. Atmospheric dust caused by foreign organic matter and nitrogen and phosphorus;

3. The lake itself constantly to derive the biological community of death accumulation of organic matter, etc.

4. The summer heat when the sun cause the blue-green algae outbreak.

Turbid water prevention:

Take preventive measures for the cause of occurrence, mainly to prevent water eutrophication. Improvement of landscape water treatment sediment, reduce organic oxygen consumption and supplementary carbon source balance algae, stable water quality is fundamental to solve the water turbidity.

After water turbidity of processing methods:

1. The dissolved oxygen, increase water dissolved oxygen to breathe, fresh and activation

Mimic natural waterfall water flow, improve the oxygen amount, according to the principle of oxygen transfer in the process of water decrease the thickness of the liquid membrane, accelerate the gas and liquid interface updates, augmenting the contact area and the liquid surface. Water segment that is sufficient, increase the water and air

Contact area, full aeration in the air, make water is rich in dissolved oxygen, at the same time, the harmful gas such as ammonia, carbon dioxide in the water overflow from the surface. Because of oxidation reduction is one of the important role in water purification the melting oxygen can be violent and pollutants in the water

The chemical reaction, thus removing the harmful substances in the water. According to water quality testing, after processing the dissolved oxygen in the water kept a saturated state, the water is always fresh, the activation

2. Hydraulic flotation - removal of organic and inorganic substances in the water

Through have respiratory function (namely aeration) effect, make the water body produces a large amount of bubbles. Causes of bubble is the soap in the water and protein is a class act as foaming agent, which is nitrogen, phosphorus, fat, protein, chlorophyll and anionic synthetic agent etc. When the clip

Miscellaneous bubble of water onto the filter layer, due to the bubble is lighter than water, so the float above the surface of the water, landscape water treatment equipment internal pressure, the filter layer with smaller particle size, larger natural repeatedly and filter material, foam cannot pass filter layer below, can only float on

On the surface. When the bubble is piling up only by the "breathe out pipe", or when the filter backwash, foam with water washed away, this process makes the water first stone get more thoroughly remove all kinds of organic and inorganic substances.

3. The heavy LiWei pressure - fine filtration efficient intercept suspended solid particles

Through a multilayer repeatedly natural filter is expected to "shout out", "floating" don't go to the solid particles trapped in the principle of Ann pits in the design of the fine filter layer. Particle size of the filter layer and dispersed particles of raw water, between them is consistent. Due to the characteristics of the layered filtering, so

To the removal rate of bacteria can be achieved by more than 90%. It is well known that the particle size of e. coli is 0.5 u, in other words, this kind of composite filter can remove more than 0.5 u all particles of 0.5 u above the algae can also be effectively removed.

4. The liquid chlorine disinfection of pulse - kill residual bacteria in water, improve water body immune ability

Is so-called immune function of water, the water must contain traces of the sterilization factor 0.3-0.5 mg/L residual chlorine. It can effectively curb the reproductive growth of bacteria and viruses in water, stem reproduction of algae and algae spores, long-term sterilization factor known as water immunity,

It is the fundamental guarantee of landscape lake water quality worse.

5. Automatic discharge function - intercepted discharge intercept surface impurities Raw water wear filter layer, the impurities of intercepted, filter resistance increases, causing water level rise, when the water level rose to a certain high, according to the fluid mechanics principle, automatic discharge, automatic flushing, automatic recovery

Filter, filter material to reset. Flushing strength 32 L/m2. S, washing over 2 min, after reaching filter water quality (turbidity), < 0.14 mg/L


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