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Koi fish pond filtration system is very important

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Koi fish pond filtration system is very important

Filter for koi fish is crucial, as if is the heart of the people, has a very important position. So if you want to keep good koi fish you have to have a perfect filtration system, that in the process of brocade carp breeding,

Keep koi filter system is really about a process, and what need to notice?

Koi fish as Japan's countries, with its elegant attitude, bright-coloured colour, body was deeply loved by domestic large fans. And koi fish is very good in all the fish in the raise of one of the species. Koi food

Sexual impurity, it is cold water fish, the requirement of temperature, feeding is not high. But also because brocade carp belong to can eat fish, so the brocade carp must have a strong filtration system to remove cylinder (pool) of dirt and other material.

Otherwise can cause a lot of stuff in cylinder and other substances harmful to the brocade carp's nutrients. Direct threat to the health of the brocade carp.

养殖渔池 (2)aquaculture pond

To keep koi filtration system, cylinder raise or pool, first select the correct filter method. Physical filtering the main is clear can see, the substance does not dissolve in water. Popular speaking is that will not dissolve in the water

Material, waste filtered out.

And the biological filter was used to establish a good nitrification system, will the water soluble in water, the invisible substance filtering out, such as ammonia, nitrate, etc. Through the attachment in the nitrifying bacteria on the filter material to purify the invisible

Toxic substances.

Keep koi for pool filtration system, in addition to choose the right way to filter, filter material discharge sequence, laying pipes need to correct, choose suitable circulation equipment and automatic drainage device, etc.

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