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Koi aquaculture development present situation

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Koi aquaculture development present situation

Brocade carp, is a kind of high-grade ornamental fish popular in today's world, there are "living stones in water", "art can swim" the laudatory name. Because it is easy to breed and raise, feeding more miscellaneous, usually general aquaculture on water quality is not high, therefore, get the welcome of people. Our country in recent years, many investors on the investment of aquaculture.

Brocade Carp belongs to Cyprinidae (Cyprinidae) Cyprinus Carp (Cyprinus) (Ms.) brocade Carp (Brocarded Carp), Japan called Nishki Goi. It is a mutation hybrid carp, is caused by body color mutation breeding environment changes, through nearly 300 years of artificial breeding and hybrid and cultivated.

Koi breeding industry in our country is the rise of more than 20 years. At present, the brocade carp aquaculture is already taking shape. Not only in ornamental fish breeding farms more developed guangdong, fujian, Beijing, tianjin, Shanghai, jiangsu and other provinces and cities.

At present, the brocade carp has have a broad market in China. Twenty years ago, the author took the brocade carp to coastal cities, by many experts disagree, is "beautiful carp", worthless. In Beijing, the first terms of flower fair, the exhibition to sell only 10 tail small fish, but also there is only one buyer. Koi breeding had the very big development today, the breeding area of guangdong province alone development of about 17100 mu, annual output value of about 100 million yuan. With the development of the development of the coastal areas and the development of the mainland market, koi breeding has been the development of the leap, has become a large category of China's ornamental fish. Around the flowers and birds fish market involve brocade carp, all have a large number of brocade carp lovers and enthusiasts, formed the huge consumer groups, but also in the continually expanding. Wide prospect of market.

About breeding technology, the farms are gradually accumulated a lot of experience, mainly around the problem such as water, feed, the density of livestock, grope for a can keep the decorative pattern, color oil moisten, production fast breeding technology. In this regard, it is necessary to emphasize must put foreign advanced brocade carp breeding technology and high-tech combination of aquaculture in China find a way of factory farming.

Brocade carp in China's development is just the beginning, the result is good, there are all kinds of problem is also inevitable. Long history of China's vast land, fresh water aquaculture, aquaculture, experienced in China should keep good brocade carp is not a problem, as long as we can face up to these problems, efforts to resolve, so can the Chinese brocade carp, like the Chinese goldfish, achieve a certain position in the international market, and can satisfy people's demand for brocade carp growing.

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