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How to know the water quality is good or bad?

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How to know the water quality is good or bad?

Water quality is a very important problem, so how do you know the water quality is good or bad? The stand or fall of quality standard?

Especially the breeding brocade carp, the ornamental fish, like what kind of water quality is up to standard? Water judgment for life? - see, smell, measurement, taste; While to the water quality requirement of feeding koi from see, smell, measurement of judgment.

First of all, see: good quality: tan, oil green, grass green, yellow, green, etc., all these water quality of water is rich in plankton, easy to be digested fish species. This is from watching for fish is a good water quality. , the bad water quality: light green, dark green, green, gray, the water quality of the kinds of plankton are difficult to digest, should by filling the new water and use of fish pond filtration system. This is a bad water quality for fish.

Then - smell: if it is a new water did smell the smell of bleaching powder and chlorine gas, if there is proof that excess chlorine gas is harmful to koi fish, also must use the terminal processing water purifier. If is the water feeding koi, such as fish or fish pond water, asked if there are smells like smell or other taste, is the trend of water quality is worse, is bound to water quality and maintenance problems, use of physical, biological filtration and sterilization (drum filter + biological filter; automatic filter) system in water treatment.

Finally - test: ordinary tap water is not much of a problem, but still should pay attention to, because every region of the water quality is different, different water or in different parts of the water quality is different, generally it is difficult to determine whether can reach the standard of water quality of the breeding brocade carp; Tester in test water quality, the standard is the water temperature at 30 ℃, 2 -- the lower hardness of water, because of brocade carp alkalescence water, so the pH value between 7.2-7.5 with respect to ok.


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