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Feeding koi fish how to cope with changing season?

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Feeding koi fish how to cope with changing season?

Attention grabbing "fattening" and "prevention"

1, fattening:

Under the condition of appropriate water temperature, grasping the nutrient intake, to make the brocade carp eat satisfied to eat well, if not fattening, nutrient taken foot is bad, so bad for brocade carp winter low temperature resistance, more health and nutrient whole feeding way is "special breeding feed + dry live bait (daphnia, red worm, etc.)". Enhance the immune disease resistance, and so on.

Different situations suggested feeding way:

A, the water temperature is between 18 and 28 degrees: feeding 4-6 times A day, which suggested that feed dry live bait is cast twice at noon, feed the principle "every time A few much food, 7 into full"; < BR >

B, water temperature between 12 to 18 degrees: feeding 1-2 times a day, 7-8 into full advisable, watch brocade carp activity at the same time, if not very active, so, the daily feeding only once, with 6 or 7 into full advisable;

Between 10-15 degrees C, the water temperature: watch fish activity, if the status is good, use feed if is good brand (Yang) god is 1 to 2 times daily, with 7 into full advisable, if the brand is not how good the once per day, with 6 become full. If not sure and not trust, then feed to special "germ" class;

D, the water temperature is between 5-10 degrees: feed the germ feed a, 6 a day into full, stop feeding under five degrees. Note: feeding live bait not excessive drying, each time with fish eat in 5 minutes advisable, excessive feeding could make fish digestive diseases, at the same time easy to something.

2, prevention:

Autumn peak fish twice a year is the last time, the disease although there is no spring that serious, but is likely to make brocade carp carry germs, winter and in spring, warm and at the same time, because if not fattening, so the spring thaw, brocade carp at this time because the winter consumes a lot of energy, the body was in the midst of a weak state, this

Once the fish disease outbreak will likely be "healing stone without saving, quick death" phenomenon. Landscape water treatment equipment is adopted to improve the physical and biological filtration and sterilization treatment, make your fish more healthy!

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