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1.Where do Kingto filters fit in?
Mainly in 3 aspects: one is in landscape water treatment, such as wide waterscape, watercourse, fountain garden pond, fish pond(koi pond),family-type closed pool fountain system and swimming pool,etc. The other is in Aquaculture modern recirculation aquaculture system. Then the third is in industry water treatment.

2. What kind of filtration system can be up to your requirements?
We can supply different filtration systems in gravity modus or pump modus, and with guidance or instruction, you can install conveniently and quickly. The filters can mechanically clear off suspended solids and waster ,and degrade the organic nutrients in the water. The microorganisms in the filtration system can take on the task to maintain the water quality. For example, in garden pond, our filters can make the water clean like crystal with no green alga, and create a natural ecological environment in the water. But it’s all for an important precondition: the performance of filtration system must fit in the size of pond and its fish quantity. Please inform your dealer details, because more details are good to help your dealer offer better service.

3.What is the flow rate?How big is the filter precision/polyester net size?
Our filters can be divided into several different functions,different types of filters have several flow rates,generally speaking,the flow rate is from 5m3/h to 330 m3/h with 60μm. Sure,we can  customize the filter as you need. We also can make our filters use in fresh water system or sea water syetem.