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Brocade carp in the water, water treatment equipment co., LTD

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Brocade carp in the water, water treatment equipment co., LTD

In a water, fish in water will change water. Koi breeding process, kois is in a relatively closed space, as the production of feed and fish body metabolism, you will be presented with harmful substances. Therefore, change water for brocade carp is a required course.

Although, ornamental fish raised in brocade carp is a kind of easy, but also often appear friends for koi fish in water after a massive death, then what will you pay attention to change water for koi? How to correct to brocade carp in the water?

(a) considerations

1, change water for brocade carp, must first the chloride. The most simple way, chlorine is put water in the sun sun 2-3 days. Or buy on the market in addition to chlorine potions, directly into the water.

2, must be in constant temperature to brocade carp in the water, if the temperature difference between the new and old water is too large, brocade carp can appear extremely not adapt to the situation. So, when change water, should adjust the water temperature, make the old and new water temperature deviation is less than 2 ℃ range.

3, brocade carp also has asked for the water ph value, before change water should adjust the ph value of the new water to fit the scope of brocade carp survival needs. Deviation within 1 is suitable for general PH change water.

4, the time change water for brocade carp is very exquisite, should choose as far as possible in a sunny day. Burning hot summer, can change water 7-8 o 'clock in the morning, while the spring and autumn season 9-11 am in water, and in the cold of winter, to change water in 2-5 PM.

(2) in water

This change water method is mainly conducted in both cases. A situation in hot summer and early autumn, aquarium fish pond in the breeding of brocade carp changed a few days without water, and water color into green very quickly (mainly feed feeding amount less), under the condition of the water quality was clean, in order to prevent iron brocade carp tail, so,

Brocade carp all fished out of the aquarium fish pond, and then put the water in the aquarium fish pond into spiral rotation, until the rest later, the aquarium fish pond in the middle of the dirt and absorb 1/3-1/2 Chen Shuiyong plastic rubber tube, and then inject isothermal, the same amount of new water, the brocade carp fishing again into the original fish tank or pond breeding.

Another case is only in a few days, the water in the aquarium fish pond water was good, but because the feed intake too much, appeared under the condition of floating head, emergency measures must be taken. In water the same way and described above.

If it is a big fish pond fish farms, don't have to scoop out the brocade carp, and the fish with folding block block surrounded on one side, put the water in the pool with dredge gently rotate tens of seconds, stay still for a moment then start the outlet water slowly drain or in addition to the aquarium fish pond central excess worms through a straw, manure and water, Chen or with fish net

From the central fishing worms to excess, then put to 1/4-1/2 water, Chen finally new water injection amount, isothermal, this method is common in fish farms or family because of cast first aid methods ate too much.

(3) in water completely

This kind of change water is often combined with double tank (tank), at the same time to pick out the young fish or fish in water. Is often due to water quality seriously corrupted or moss is too long, too close to the fish. Concrete has the following two ways.

1, in the absence of the free pool, put all the koi fish into the basin or put forward in the adjacent temporarily keep in the water, or inside the cages to join in increasing oxygen increasing oxygen. Then, brush away the original pool wall moss, rinse thoroughly and to inject new isothermal water, let stand for a moment after waiting for the water temperature is equal to fish in the aquarium fish

In the pool.

2, if you have a free pool, and a new water, as long as all the koi fish into the basin or the cages, and choose to deal with, respectively, the pool pool, regardless of the pool after the water temperature is equal to the brocade carp to new breeding in the water. This method should pay special attention to the water temperature in water, it is best to choose a sunny day before 9:00 in the morning. But this method a

As only suitable for fish or larger young fish, larvae of unfavorable use. If conditions permit, in front of the thorough change water, can be in the first backup fish tank filled with v water in the pond, and then directly out of the fish into the spare tank The best fish pond. So little water temperature change, the fish easy to adapt to the new environment, to protect the fish from the basin or JiGa inside the cages. This kind of

Change water method, generally every half moon in spring and autumn season around 1 times. Summer big v weather, water temperature as high as more than 28 ℃, the water color extremely easily, under the condition of water quality is very easy to cloudy, generally 5 to 7 days should be thoroughly change water once. Winter temperature drop to 4 ℃ or so, brocade carp activity is slow, reduce appetite, water quality is not easy to corrupt, no special

Generally not all change water.

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