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Bio Filter HBF

Bio Filter
The bio filter, combined with German advanced technology, R&D and made in China.It is a very low maintenance filter using sponge and crystal bio to remove the waste and tiny particles in the water.

Bio Filter Features
-New generation sponge filter
-Combination of Vortex and Sponge Filter
-Patented,patent no. ZL 2013 2 0689558.6
-Lowest maintenance, because of Vortex-Effect
-Nitrification and De-Nitrification in one filter
-Prevent algae growing in the pond, because of lowest Nitrat
-Use in pump- and gravity-mode possible
-Long life time 15-20 years
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Bio Filter Working Principle
The bio filter equipped with sponges or sponge(HBF I-2 to HBF I-6)and Crystal Bio (HBF II-2 to HBF-II-6) in the two floors of filter chambers. First, the polluted water input through bigger pipes below the sponges. Because of this Vortex-Effects, the big inlet pipe is tangential connected, making the water in the filter a slowly rotation that leads to a sinking of the bigger waste particles. Only the small, most biological particles are flowing through the sponges. So, the sponges don’t get clogged frequently. That also gives the sponges a very long life time. 
The small particles as well as the dissolved organic substances can be cleared. Through nitrification and de-nitrification in deeper sponge layers the waste is transformed into nitrogen (N2) which discharges into the air. In the vertical lower filter chamber a second filter process can be implemented by using Crystal Bio filter media (HBF II-2to HBF II-6). The already well cleaned water can be additionally cleaned by De-Nitrification from biological waste to reach totally clear condition without any Nitrat. 
Using our Bio-Filter, there isn’t the problem with algae in the pond!
The Bio-Filter of HDPE must prevent from sunshine. The UV-light can destroy the filter, also the heating of sunshine can lead to the filter instability!
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