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Automatic System Filter HSF

The automatic system filter is combined with German advanced technology, R&D and made in China. It is a compact and very low energy consumption filter using drum with mesh 60µm to remove the waste and tiny particles in the water and bio filter media to degrade water organic nutrients.
HSF System Filter Features
-Combination of drum and biological filter
-Patented, patent no. ZL 2013 2 0689592.3
-Very low maintenance
-Easy installation
-Automatic cleaning function
-High quality and environmentally-friendly materials
-Long life time up to 15 years
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Automatic System Filter Working Principle
The automatic system filter is incl. all equipment such as controller, connector with magnet valve for re-fill the pond, cleaning pump, air pump, sensors for cover and UV-Amalgam-lamp 42W.
Automatic system filter can use in gravity or pump mode. For installation, only need to connect the inlet, outlet and waste water pipe. For power connection, need one plug. All equipment is pre-installed for using.
The polluted water enters the HSF through the water inlet pipes, flows into the boxes, and then into the interior of the filtering drum. The filtering drum is covered with a micro mesh 60µm. The polluted water only can leave the drum by passing the filter mesh, all particles bigger than the filter mesh will stay inside the drum filter.
The waste particles will slowly block the filter mesh; make it hard for the water through the mesh, which leads to a lower water level in the clear water chamber of the filter. Once the water level dropped to the minimum level,then indicated by sensor - the controller starts the washing process. The process contains the rotation of the filter drum by a geared motor and multiple nozzles spraying water with high pressure to the outside of the filter mesh. The waste clogged the filter mesh is flushed into the waste tray, and then leaves the filter by wastewater discharge through waste outlet.
After dealing with the drum filter water through the connection pipe into the air whirl chamber, insider the bio-filter-media can be suspending, and adheres to the bio-film which can decompose and reduce nutrients in the fish pond, break down into harmless nitrat by nitrification with aerobe bacteria . The EPDM air diffuser installed at the bottom of the air whirl chamber can bring enough oxygen to the nitrification. At last, clean water flow out via outlet pipe.
HSF Application Scope

Suzhou Kingto Water Treatment Co.,Ltd. Knows what the importance of well-design and high quality system filter is:
1.The material of our system filter is imported HDPE-100 via Germany. The material is very stable and meets all requirements about the filter box. All is made of the same material, so there is no problem in different temperatures. The screws we use are made of stainless steel 304 .The screen of the drum is made from Polyester in the size of 60micrometer mesh.
2.Our system filter has a special design, a combination of drum and bio-filter. It means the mechanical filter and biological filter are integrated in one system. The result is very effective for the user, at maximum extent reduces the installation time and the using space.
3.The first important equipment of the system filter is the controller. We use it for our drum filter, original Siemens controller in connection with 4 no-touch sensors. One is for cleaning process of the filter, one for re-fill of the pond if necessary, one for stopping all functions because of water lost in the pond and one for the cover, opening the cover of the drum filter can stop all functions, too.
The second important equipment is the high-pressure pump, which is to clean the filter mesh with spray nozzles. Here, our small drum filter 40 m3/h and 60m3/h have equipped with German Wilo pumps. And the big drum filter 300m3/h we use only Grundfos from Denmark, its pressure is 6 up to 8 bar.
The third important equipment is the gear motor, which is to move the drum in the cleaning process. The gear motor we use is from German SEW. So all equipment we install in our drum filter are from world-leading companies with certificates CE &GS and long experience.
4.With the high quality equipment, all user don't need much maintenance. In additional, the direct drive has a high reliability, because of no chain or belt broken or gliding from the gear. All equipment has a very long life time. Only important thing/warning is to save the drum filter against directly sunshine, because the HDPE can be bend in this situation. But this disadvantage will be balanced with the much lower cost than stainless steel drum filter with the same quality.
5.Because of all reasons, we can reassure our clients a life time up to 15 years and more of our system filter. 


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