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Air-whirl Filter HAWF

The air whirl filter, combined with German advanced technology and independent R&D is made in China. It is a low energy consumption filter using the method of biological membrane degradation of the organic nutrients in the water.

Air-Whirl-Filter Features

On the principle of the air whirl accelerated the process of biofilm degrading organic nutrients. The filter chamber used the circular structure, in ensuring the structural strength of saving a certain amount of material at the same time. This filter cannot separately use the water treatment systems, must use a mechanical pre-filter (such as: automatic drum filter) combining together.
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Air-Whirl-Filter Working Principle
The Air-Whirl-Filter (HAWF), is a round version of MBBR – moving bed bio reactor. The material is black HDPE. For save material and cost, our AWF is round, what have the most stability.
It’s a biological filter and need a mechanical filter as pre-filter, like drum-filter (see our offer for drum filter!) or others.
The range of HAWF can use from 10-150m3 ponds with fish and for aquaculture. The function is Nitrification that means the Ammonium/Ammoniac and Nitrite change with bacteria to not poison Nitrate. This reaction need O2, so the HAWF have inside air-pump connected to EPDM air diffuser. The bacteria need surface to grow up, in the HAWF, there is bio filter media. That’s material have nearly the same density like water = 1g/cm3. If the filter starts working, bacteria will grow on the surface from the bio filter media. For this, we use bio filter media with high surface from 500-750m2/m3. 
The water from the mechanical filter enters the HAWF through the inlet pipes. Because the air, the bio filter media is moving inside and the bacteria can change all poison ingredients into NO3 – Nitrate. Nitrate is not poison to fish. The cleaned but not poison water flow through the outlet pipe back to the pond.
The HAWF can use in pump- and gravity modes. In gravity mode the pump bring the water back to the pond, in pump mode, the water can free flow through outlet pipe to the pond.
The HAWF don’t need maintenance, because the mechanical pre-filter clean the water from big waste. 
The life time is 15-20 years, but the filter must prevent from sunshine. The UV-light can destroy the filter, also the heating of sunshine can lead to the filter instability!

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